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Courier QueensMederi was conceived by Lauren Fisch, after a long pursuit of health and wellness disciplines in her personal and professional life. With Mederi, she is able to utilize and integrate her various skills, in order to facilitate health and well being. Her aim is to promote calm and stress relief in the minds and bodies of women throughout Queens and Long Island. Stress has a tendency to hang over you throughout your work week and even seep into your weekends. Using Laurenís techniques, you can greatly reduce the negative affects of stress and even get it to be a more positive force in your life. A natural part of everyday life, stress can actually motivate you to lead a productive life, but if managed incorrectly it can have devastating affects on your health. Stress can lead to extreme muscle tension, headaches, migraines and numerous internal body disorders. Stress can also exacerbate underlying medical conditions. Lauren wants you to find ways to engage in health maintenance Ė and in the process, build awareness of your own body. She also offers tips on exercises one can do in any setting, even at the office. Simple breathing, shoulder, jaw and neck exercises can help promote health as one healthy body part leads to another. Laurenís female clientele runs the gamut from working professionals to full-time, stay-at-home moms. She has strong interest in womenís health and will visit hospice patients and caregivers who might not take the necessary time to care for their own minds and bodies. She also treats those with chronic or life-threatening illnesses with an array of modalities that can help to alleviate their suffering.

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