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Frequently asked Questions

How do I know which modality best suits me?

Everyone responds differently to each modality. What resonates for one person may not resonate for another. It is helpful to sample the different modalities and to find out what you best respond to. It is important to have good communication between you and your therapist so that your needs are met most effectively.

Can I combine the different modalities?

Absolutely. Each treatment will be customized to meet your needs at the time of the session. 

Do I need to disrobe for massage therapy?

You do not need to disrobe for Shiatsu, Foot Reflexology, or Reiki. For Swedish Massage you do need to disrobe. You will be fully draped with a sheet and towel, and only the body part being worked on will be exposed.

I am sensitive and ticklish on my feet, but am curious about foot reflexology. Will I be able to tolerate it?

Often people who are sensitive on their feet are surprised how well they can tolerate foot reflexology. It is usually a matter of applying the right kind of firm, yet gentle touch.

Can I learn ways to cope with stress on my own?

Yes. There are many simple stress reduction techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life. Lauren’s goal is to teach you exercises that you can easily do on your own so that stress does not build up and have negative cumulative effects on your health.

I am not flexible so how can I do yoga?

There are many misconceptions about yoga, and one is that you need to be flexible in order to practice it.  Lauren teaches Gentle Yoga, which anyone can practice. All of the physical poses (asanas) can be modified to accommodate any physical limitations. Breathing practices (pranayama) and deep relaxation are essential components of yoga and beneficial to everyone.

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